How a Christian Responds to Someone Involved in Witchcraft

A Christian response to someone involved in witchcraft involves a delicate balance of compassion and truth. On one side, it is important to approach this person without judgment and with the utmost love so that there is a safe environment for a meaningful discussion.

The Rainbow Coup: The Threat of LGBT Takeover

The USA is in the middle of an LGBTQ+ coup. A coup d'état, or simply a coup, is a means of changing a government or society by any means necessary. It is an insurrection against a government or nation, usually conducted by a small group or faction within it and often with the assistance of deceived university students and propaganda media leaders.

Supernatural Creatures and Pagan Influence: What Christians Should Avoid

Supernatural Creatures and Pagan Influence What Christians Should Avoid Christians should avoid old fables about wearwolves, mermaids, shape shifters, and mystical creatures. The Bible, the foundation of the Christian faith, is clear that Christians should be wary of old fables describing supernatural beings with mystical powers.

Understanding Deliverance Ministry from a Biblical Perspective

Understanding Deliverance Ministry from a Biblical PerspectiveDeliverance ministry is an important part of the Christian church. Scripture speaks to a need that the body of believers has for deliverance ministry. Deliverance ministry can be defined as "a Christian practice that seeks to drive out or heal a person of any evil spiritual influences or oppressions."

Reliance on the Power of God for Protection against Demonic Activity

Reliance on the Power of God for Protection against Demonic Activity The Bible speaks of many different forms of spiritual warfare, including the power of God for protection against demonic activity. Demonic activity can take many forms, from possession to influence, and is a real threat to believers and non-believers alike.







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