Ashtaroth: The Seducing Goddess of War

seducing goddess of war, Ashtaroth, is the goddess of Jezebel in the Bible. Jezebel is responsible for hijacking prophetic ministry and turning hearts away from true spiritual fathers, leading to a godless society full of materialism and immorality. Jesus requires submission and loyalty to Him and His kingdom, and His people must take their rightful place in governing authority to establish the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. In the face of spoilers, the righteous must repent and build their house on the Rock that cannot be shaken.


As already said, Ashtaroth in the Bible is the goddess of Jezebel. Jezebel’s father was king of Phoenicia and the high priest of Ashtaroth. Jezebel is the seducing goddess of war. She has been loosed within the Church busy hijacking prophetic ministry and turning hearts away from true spiritual fathers unto herself.

 When a nation, any nation, turns its back on God the spoilers are released. The spoilers plunder, pillage, and destroy. Scripture declares a day when God’s people turned their back on Jehovah and served Baal and Ashtaroth (Judges 2:13-14).

Many are familiar with Ashtaroth. Ashtaroth is the goddess of Jezebel. Jezebel’s father was Ethbal. He was king of Phoenicia and the high priest of Ashtaroth. Jezebel is the seducing goddess of war. She is prophetic. She has been loosed within the Church busy hijacking prophetic ministry, turning hearts away from true spiritual fathers unto herself, and making a way for celebrity worship, spiritualism, and idolatrous entertainment. She creates eunuchs. Eunuchs are those that have no spiritual strength of their own. They look for her approval, leadership, and direction. She is their mentor.Jezebel redirects prophetic ministry away from true biblical prophetic ministry of speaking into the nation (not just the Church), turning hearts, offering biblical intercessions, modeling holiness, putting Christ first, and involvement in the restitution of all things.

The truth is some prophetic circles have lost their mooring, are demonic, and destructive in their current operations. The sad truth is that some have sought prophetic ministry not the ministry of the Holy Ghost. And Satan has given them what they desired, prophetic ministry void of the Holy Spirit.

Baal, on the other hand, is representative of the secular State. Romans 13 speaks of the State as an instrument of Christ to put fear in the wicked. When the people begin to look upon the State as their protector, provider, deliverer, and the State sees itself as god then the State is no longer the instrument of God. This leads Christians to the question of their first allegiance. Is it with the secular State or with Christ and His kingdom? Perhaps you have never considered this, but Christianity requires faithful allegiance and loyalty to Christ, not just a fifteen-second repentance prayer. Jesus asked, “Why call me Lord, Lord, but do not the things I say?” (Luke 6:46) It’s not enough to accept Jesus as one's savior but not one's Lord.

Jesus is not just your Savior He expects your full submission to His lordship. You are not your own. Lord means ruler. Jesus is way more than a ticket to heaven. He is God and the creator of all things and stands outside His creation.

Jehovah reminded us that He is the one that delivered us out of the land of bondage, slavery, and Egypt. Pharaoh saw himself as god and the supreme ruler of the State of Egypt. In his mind, he owned the people. They were his servants. God corrected Pharaoh’s error.

Jehovah delivered His people out of the secular State of Egypt that held God’s people in bondage. After their deliverance Jehovah said, “Thou shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20). This word “gods” is elohim better understood as other protectors-providers.

Today some look to the State for provision and protection. America has over 40 million receiving food stamps from the State. This is a move away from individual liberty toward bondage. Even though it appears as a blessing in reality, it is a dangerous step toward the validation of statism because economic boom-bust cycles are created by the Federal Reserve's monetary policy. The Federal Reserve is not Federal and has no reserves. The fractional reserve banking system is the root of evils of every kind.

According to the “Political Science Dictionary” statism includes “Sovereignty vested not in the people but in the national state, and that all individuals and associations exist only to enhance the power, the prestige, and the well-being of the state. The concept of statism, which is seen as synonymous with the concept of nation, and corporatism repudiates individualism and exalts the nation as an organic body headed by the Supreme Leader and nurtured by unity, force, and discipline.” This is a violation of Scripture.

We have watched the United States declare her allegiance to God and at the same time morph into a godless society full of materialistic, selfish, secular humanists, immoral, corrupt reprobates. What happened to the pledge of allegiance that stated we are “one nation under God?” It used to be submission to the God of the Bible, today it’s whatever god you choose to worship in a "moment of silence" even if that god is the god of self.

Because Jezebel hijacked prophetic ministry, there were few voices speaking out against the hypocrisy and godless direction our country has taken. In fact, our nation is on the verge of being turned over to a reprobate mind. As long as the people of God are content to have the wicked rule over them, there will be no hope and change in America. Where will our nation’s future leaders come from, the Church, or godless humanistic colleges?

Karl Marx, one of the apostles of the atheistic socialist’s form of government, is held in high esteem among America’s academic professors. His methods are promoted, looked to, and admired by many of our nation’s leaders. Marx was a godless atheist that considered religion the opium of the people. Looking at the Church today we might tend to agree except we could expand the opium to sports and entertainment.

Socialism teaches that man is god and receives enlightenment through education. This explains the constant social engineering of our national Federal education system. They seek to build a Utopian society outside the laws of Jehovah. When progressive socialists rule a nation, they morph the State into a god run by elites and served by serfs. When the State becomes a god tyranny, and the shedding of innocent blood (war) is the result.

We must ask ourselves some questions. “Has America become another god?” Try starting a church without “permission” from the Federal government. Has Christianity been defended by Washington D.C. political leaders like those that champion the building of an Islamic mosque near Ground Zero in New York City? The answers are obvious.

For thousands of years, the kingdom of the secular State has battled the kingdom of God for dominion. In the beginning, there was only one kingdom, one family, the family of God. There was Adam, Eve, and their two sons Cain and Abel. Scripture says that Abel brought the first fruits to God and Cain an offering. God was pleased with Abel but did not receive Cain’s offering. The reason was Abel tithed. Tithing was God’s set pattern that acknowledged His sovereignty over the earth. It still is. Scripture declares, “The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein” (Psalm 24:1).

Cain was so angry with God that he murdered his brother Abel in a fit of jealous rage. From this we watch Cain leave the family of God and start his own kingdom, the kingdom of Cain. This is the genesis of a secular humanists’ kingdom and a first picture of the division of kingdoms.

Cain’s kingdom was a secular humanists’ kingdom governed by man outside the jurisdiction of Jehovah. Jurisdiction in Latin is juris (law) diction (sayings). Man became his own god, his own protector, and provider. Later the savage kingdom of Nimrod that married Semiramis came into being. This is the joining of the godless State and the spiritualist goddess Ashtaroth. Semiramis ushered in a false religion. This shows the connection between the operations of the religious spirit, spiritualism, and the secular humanist’ State. Nimrod was a “mighty hunter before the Lord” meaning a secular humanists protector-provider, the State as another god.

The battle against secular and religious humanism is fundamental in understanding the spiritual warfare we are in today. This is the high-level spiritual warfare against principalities and powers that the Apostle Paul spoke of in Ephesians 6.

Satan uses secular and religious humanism to model a different world view and to subdue and render harmless the Church of God when the Church refuses to take its rightful place in governing authority under Christ’ direction.

Biblical governing authority is a foreign term within most of the Church because so many are focused on escaping the world through “the rapture” instead of invading, occupying and influencing the world through Jehovah’s mandate of dominion and righteousness.

To answer Satan’s attack the Church must take its position of governing, of advancing and establishing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. I am not referring to preaching the cross only. Yes we preach the cross. Without the blood of Jesus there is no atonement for sin. One cannot see nor enter the kingdom of God without the blood of Christ that was shed on Calvary. But after salvation what’s next, the rapture? The answer is the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom of God, not just the doctrine of the cross. This includes preaching the culture of the Kingdom of God. That culture includes God’s literature, language, arts, laws, government, economy, and biblical traditions. The arts, for example includes music. The culture of the Kingdom of God does not bring the worlds music into the Church to be relevant. To re-label the world’s music with such words as “holy hip-hop” is another deception. What culture is changing what culture?

Our nation and the Church have been heavily influenced by secular and religious humanists. Religious humanist have a form of godliness but deny the power of God. Paul said from such turn away. They are into celebrity Christianity, social justice, ecumenical unity with foreign gods, present teachers that entertain but refuse to address sin. Can’t even present the gospel of the cross and Jesus the only way to salvation. Within the scope of these ministries are homosexual bishops and gospel singers. They host major Christian television programs, live in sin, and have no shame in perverting God’s word to steal money from God’s people. They can divorce one month and host and preach major conferences the next month. This is delusion and idolatry. Again, when a nation turns its back on God the spoilers are released. America is on a fast track in the wrong direction and will not change until the Church, including the people of God, demands holy change.

In closing, the shaking has begun, and the spoilers are on the way. These spoilers are released against the godless. They will plunder those that put their trust in Mammon, that put their trust in Jezebel, and that put their trust in the State. This plundering will include the demise of the purchasing power of the United States dollar and its global influence, the destruction of pension funds, retirement funds, retirement plans, jobs, banks, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, paper financial instruments and the likes. In ten years some of the largest churches in America today will be forgotten, their doors closed and buildings sold because they refused to get right with God.

Now is a time dear friends to get serious with God. As the spoilers are released, make sure they see the blood of Christ sprinkled on the door post of your house. If you have any open doors that the enemy can take advantage, it’s time to close them. Christ promises if we repent of our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

To the righteous the Rock cannot be shaken. The wise man builds his house on that Rock. He is involved in the great cause of Christ. He gives, tithes, is faithful, humble, and teachable, serves, and puts Christ first. He refuses to serve other gods. Jesus said, “Put first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” So take courage you righteous for these things must come about but the end is not yet. It is written, “Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end.” We have only just begun. Order and righteousness are on the way. Let us go up at once and possess our inheritance for we are well able.

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