The Incredible Legacy of R.W. Schambach

The Incredible Legacy of R.W. SchambachThe history of renowned evangelist R.W. Schambach dates back to his early birth in 1931 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was raised by his Lithuanian-immigrant parents and attended church throughout his childhood. As a young man, Schambachs passion for evangelism and faith was ignited at a Billy Graham crusade.

This experience helped shape the course of his life and career as an evangelist. In 1952, Schambach moved to New York City to pursue a career as an evangelist. It was here that he met and married Iva Jean Richards, and the couple had three children together: Robert Jr., Ruth, and Richard. Schambach and his family relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, in 1955. During this time, he held evangelistic campaigns across the United States and North America, as well as overseas. During these campaigns, he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and touched many lives with his inspiring testimony. Throughout his evangelist career, Schambach formed a lasting relationship with Oral Roberts.

Roberts was a particularly influential figure in Schambachs life, supporting him and his ministry. Schambach was also highly active in the Pentecostal movement, participating in the Assemblies of God and taking part in the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship in the United States and around the world. His charismatic and inspirational preaching style was influential during this time. In the early 1970s, Schambach established himself as one of the most influential figures in evangelism. He held "television crusades", which included "The R.W. Schambach Live Crusader", "The Miracle Crusades", "The Revival Hour" and "The Healing Touch".

These programs allowed him to provide spiritual and physical aid to those in need by providing them with medical, housing and diet advice. In an effort to spread the gospel and save the souls of more people, Schambach purchased an airline called Schambach Jetliners. This allowed him to carry his team of evangelists, as well as medicines and other needed materials, across the globe. He traveled to over forty countries throughout his career, reaching hundreds of thousands of people with his inspiring message of hope and salvation.

Schambach's tireless effort and reach also helped to shape the modern religious landscape in the United States. In the 1990s, Schambach's prophetic ministry touched many, bringing solutions to everyday problems. He was highly respected by both Christian and non-Christian alike. Throughout his life, Schambach worked to spread the message of faith throughout the world.

Through his ministry, Schambach was able to bring men and women closer to God, encourage spiritual growth, and provide tangible aid. To this day, Schambach remains one of the most influential evangelists of all time, and his legacy continues to inspire countless believers around the world.

R.W. Schambach and A.A. Allen had a strong friendship and working relationship. They each preached that Jesus was the only Son of God and that He died to save mankind. They were both influential figures in the Pentecostal movement and often held crusades together witnessing hundreds of healings and salvations.

They believed in using the power of faith and prayer to bring spiritual and physical difficulties to an end. Allen coached Schambach on how to organize a successful preaching career, giving him valuable tips and advice on getting the best results.

They even went as far as to combine their evangelistic efforts to allow large numbers of people to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Allen would often pray for Schambach's success and even donated money to Schambach to help fund his ministry.

In the end, the friendship between Schambach and Allen was an incredibly powerful tool in spreading the word of God and saving lost souls throughout their careers.


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