Understanding Who You Are: A Study on the Design of Man Created by God

 Untitled ‑ Made with FlexClip (1) (1)Have you ever stopped to consider that you were designed by God? We are each unique, created in his image and likeness, and imbued with a spirit life. By understanding our design, we can better understand who we are and how to live in accordance with God's will.

To understand who you are, you need to go back to the beginning of creation and look at the design of man. A design is a blueprint of how things work. For our study of the laws of the Kingdom of God (more on this latter) it requires us to settle on the fact that God designed man. Not only did he design Adam but also Eve. Notice there were on two genders. Male and female created he them. There are no third genders.

God, the great design architect created the heavens, the earth, and mankind. He created you. Think of it. You were designed by God. You are unique. You matter. And there is no one in the world like you. He fashioned you in his image and in his likeness. That means you are like God in many ways. You are not God, but you are like God. He is the Creator, and you are the creation. Scripture says, “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” (Genesis 1:27). Let’s quickly review man’s design.

When God created Adam, the first man, He created him from the soil of the ground and breathed life into him.  Scripture reveals, “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7).

That “breath of life” is what I call the God force. In other words, God breathed of himself into Adam and he became a living being. God did not breathe air into Adam, but the very life essence of himself. Said another way, God breathed spirit life into Adam. This is how Adam, the first man, was created. He was formed with a physical body and given a spirit life. Not only did God create Adam but God created a place, a dwelling where Adam could flourish. I call that place the kingdom of God. This garden paradise was also designed, designed to obey the word of God.

Think of it. When Christ taught his disciples. He pointed them to a mountain and said if they spoke to the mountain it would move. The mountain was a metaphor for problems. This was a serious teaching. It speaks of faith in God, faith in action and most notably that the mountain itself was designed to obey the word of God. The born-again spirit contains that God force. The God force is that spirit of power and might. Jesus taught much on the Holy Spirit’s anointing. That anointing is the God force in you. Jesus said if you abide in me and my word abides in you…..” You get the picture, Christ in you the hope of glory.

Adam, the first of our kind, lived and moved in spirit. From Adam’s spirit he knew all things. In spirit he fellowshipped with God. With his spirit he had divine abilities to name all things. Adam was perfect. Adam was spirit, soul, and body. 

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Apostle Jonas Clark

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