Kingdom Of God And Spiritual Warfare

 Kingdom Of God And Spiritual WarfareKingdom of God and the battle against five demonic assignments "after you believe" God. I call these demonic attacks "The Sower’s Spiritual Warfare".

Remnant believers know how to stop Satan from stealing their harvest. Remnant believer’s associate revelation from the Holy Spirit as a seed sown in their hearts and understand that a planted seed knows what to do, produce a harvest.

Satan must get to that planted seed in your heart as soon as possible. He knows if he doesn’t get it out of your heart, it will surely produce a great harvest of blessing in your life. Satan uses five tactics that you need to know about: Pressure, ill-treatment, debt, wealth deception, and things forbidden.


Christ taught about the power of the seed saying, “So is the kingdom of God as if a man should cast seed into the ground; And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how” (Mark 4:26-27).

This seed parable teaches us about the law of beginnings. The law of beginnings states that everything new in your life starts with a Word from God. This is the seed that was planted in your heart. This is great to understand because we sometimes find ourselves completely frustrated. This is because we feel like the gift of God in us should be producing more than we see happening right now.

If we stay in that frustration for too long, we can get apathetic and lose our zeal. The good news is the Spirit of God knows how to open new seasons in your life. He does that through prophetic announcements. A prophetic announcement can come to you from the Holy Spirit through prophecy, a person flowing in the spirit of prophecy, elder or church leader, or by a revelation of a bible scripture.


What I am trying to describe is what happens right after the Holy Spirit reveals something to you. It’s that Holy Spirit revelation that releases hope for a better tomorrow. Jesus called it a seed sown in the heart of man. Maybe you heard something or saw something that you needed to know or do. It’s at that point of revelation that hope comes alive in your heart.

This is the process of how it works. The Holy Spirit reveals something, you believe it, hope comes alive in your heart, and you start walking out what you believe. That’s what we call faith in action. The point is once you have hope you can use faith. Scripture says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). Notice that hope came first.

The point I want to get across is this, there are specific demonic attacks after you believe. Jesus taught his disciples two principles regarding the believer in the Parable of the Sower.


  1. If you don’t understand what you hear, the wicked one will steal the word (revelation and hope) out of your heart.

“When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart” (Matthew 13:19).



  1. Satan will attack hope immediately.

“And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts.” (Mark 4:15)


In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus breaks it down for us to understand in simple terms.


“The sower soweth the word. And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts. And these are they likewise which are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the word, immediately receive it with gladness; And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word's sake, immediately they are offended. And these are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the word, And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful. And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some a hundred.” (Mark 4:14-20)

Notice Christ describes five specific attacks after you believe: Affliction, persecution, cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and a lust of other things. Let’s break these assignments down.

  1. Affliction

Affliction (thlipsis) is when you feel like you’re in a pressure cooker. Maybe it’s unrealistic demands from your job, finances, or relationships. Or perhaps it’s pressure to perform, or make hurried decisions. I’m sure by now you are thoroughly aware of life’s pressure cooker. If pressure hits you right after you believe, don’t give in to it. See that as a demonic weapon to get you out of faith.

  1. Persecution

Persecution (diōgmos) is when someone treats you badly right after you believe God. Persecution is a common attack against your faith. As soon as you believe God somebody somewhere, in church, on the job, or on the telephone, will insult or just say something that they shouldn’t. If that happens ignore it. Remember, you are protecting a life-giving revelation that was sown in your heart. Don’t let anybody steal that from you.

  1. Cares of this world

Cares (merimna) is also known as anxiety. One of the greatest cares of this world is found in past due bills. Debt is a horrible taskmaster. If you are in debt, make a decision right now to stop accumulating more. Satan loves to see the sons of God in debt. Fight the good fight of faith and war your way through this battle. You can get out of debt. The path out comes through hearing what the Holy Spirit says and applying His Word. You can do it.

  1. Deceitfulness of riches

Deceitfulness (apatē) of wealth accumulation. This is the deception that wealth accumulation is the answer to all your problems. Satan is great at making you think that all you need is more money. When that happens, you do everything you can to get more. More money is not the answer. There are multimillionaires that have problems that money can’t solve. Don’t go back to Egypt and try to make bricks without straw. Pharaoh will work you to death and take you right out of church and faith in the process. Yes, work is important but your answer is found in Holy Spirit revealed truth that will get you to the other side. Don’t let wealth accumulation deceive you. The beggar at the Gate Beautiful thought more money was his answer until he met Apostles Peter and John.

  1. Lust of other things

Lust (epithumia), this is carnal cravings for things forbidden. The enemy can be tricky with this assignment. Anything that you put ahead of Christ is idolatry. The best way to stay away from this trap is by putting the kingdom of God first in everything you do.    

These attacks happen after you believe. So if you find yourself dealing with any of those five battles ask yourself if the devil is after your seed. Remember, the seed that was launched through prophetic revelation into your heart knows what to do. Guard it carefully.

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