Seeing The Not Yet

Unlocking the Mysteries of Seeing the Not Yet: Using God's Word to Create What You Can See in Your Imagination

Seeing The Not Yet 1God has created you with the ability to see the not yet. The ability to see what is not yet requires imagination. Imagination is the power to see. You can see a chair for example in the spirit of your mind before the chair is visible in the physical realm. Said another way, when you look at a chair, you realize that the design of that chair had to be imagined in someone's mind first.


Prophetic Imagination All Things Possible

PROPHETIC IMAGINATION 1Prophetic imagination has no boundaries and is never hindered by a lack of education. Consider this, with imagination you can enter the past and the future. Imagination is a wonderful tool to manifest the Kingdom of God in your life. Let me explain.

Turning The World Upside Down

The Promise of the Father: Receiving Holy Ghost Power

Turning The World Upside Down 1Christ was the greatest revolutionary of all time. He took a hand full of disciples and used them to turn the world upside down. You are part of His revolutionary army, the priesthood of kings (1 Peter 2:9).

The Law of Belief

Believe in God for Answered Prayers: It's Not Faith in Faith that Brings Results

The Law of BeliefIt is not the thing believed in that brings an answer to prayer, the answer to prayer happens because of the one that brings about the answer to prayer. The Bible says, “Have faith in God.” Notice it doesn't say have faith in faith.

The Treasure Within

Filling Your Heart with Good Treasure: Guarding Your Heart with God's Word

The Treasure Within 1What are you full of? Are you full of faith, vigor, and optimism or fear, uncertainty, and doubt? What's in you is like a rudder that steers a ship. If it's faith in you, faith steers you. If it's fear in you, fear steers you.







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