Breaking Christian Witchcraft - ISBN: 978-1-886885-44-8

Breaking Christian Witchcraft

Breaking Christian Witchcraft - ISBN: 978-1-886885-44-8

How to Discern 'Christian Witchcraft'

There are no Christian witches but Christians can operate in witchcraft. It's unthinkable. yet many are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

Entering Prophetic Ministry

Entering Prophetic Ministry Made Simple

Entering Prophetic MinistryThe prophetic ministry is different from the other five-fold ascension gifts. Are you called to prophetic ministry? Find find out how to start.

How To Deal With Rejection

How To Deal With Rejection

How To Deal With RejectionThis ebook provides you with the necessary tools to help you break free from the spirit of rejection and emotional abuse. Overcome your hurts and wounds caused by people you love and learn to live with joy and peace. Download it now to start your journey to healing

How Jezebel Hijacks Prophetic Ministry: ISBN: 978-1-886885-46-2

How Jezebel Spirit Hijacks Prophetic Ministry

How Jezebel Hijacks Prophetic Ministry: ISBN: 978-1-886885-46-2The Jezebel spirit is prophetic spirit that trains her own prophets that eat at her table. The Jezebel spirit hijacked the prophetic ministry and perverted personal prophecy. Protect yourself and prophetic ministry from the Jezebel spirit! Learn how to recognize and avoid its seductive tactics in Jonas Clark's How Jezebel Hijacks Prophetic Ministry ebook.

How Prophets Fail - ISBN: 978-1-886885-43-1

How Prophets Fail

How Prophets Fail - ISBN: 978-1-886885-43-1Prophetic ministers must avoid the seducing pull of wealth, honor, prestige and promotion. Prophets can fail. Find out how to steer clear from the mistakes prophets make in prophetic ministry. Learn how to steer clear of the faults prophets make in their prophetic ministry. Get your copy of Jonas Clark's book "How Prophets Fail" to gain insight into the dark side of prophetic ministry, prophetic enticements, and how to guard your heart.







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