Holy Spirit  9 Facts You Need to Know

Experience the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Today!

Holy Spirit  9 Facts You Need to KnowUnlock the power of the Holy Spirit and experience life-changing transformationBaptism of the Holy Spirit will change your life completely. The Holy Spirit is available to you right now. Get filled today and let the Holy Spirit teach you what to do.

Kingdom of God Culture

Waging War for the Kingdom of God: A Spiritual Battle for Dominion, Values and Truth

Kingdom of God CultureKingdom of God culture is a war for dominion, kingdom against kingdom, values against values, truth against lies, and light against darkness.

You are in a spiritual war. Scripture confirms that you have spiritual authority to cast out devils, bind and loose, and use the Name of Jesus. Scripture declares, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds” (2 Corinthians 10:4). Strong holds are strongly fortified defensive structures. These structures are fortified belief systems known as kingdoms.

President Obama's Homosexual Values

President Obama's Approval of Homosexuality & Gay Marriage: What Does the Bible Say?

President Obama's Homosexual ValuesLearn the truth about homosexuality and gay marriage from a Biblical perspective and how to stand up for God's righteousness in our nationPresident Obama sent a clear message to our nation’s children by validating homosexuality and same-sex marriage. America’s president made it plain he supports “gay marriage.” This is a reflection on the continued slide into immorality within our nation’s leadership. President Obama needs prayer.

Cultural Marxism And The Kingdom Of God

How Cultural Marxism is Attacking Christian Culture in America

Cultural Marxism And The Kingdom Of God  Learn about the strategy of Cultural Marxism and how to fight back against itCultural Marxism is the term used to describe the attack against Christian culture in America. They have done a good job of tearing down what has made America great. Dr. Ted Baehr and Pat Boone wrote about it in “The Culture-wise Family: Upholding Christian Values in a Mass Media World:” They wrote that the Marxist had to destroy Christian culture before a communist revolution could be victorious. They had leadership, a plan, and a strategy you need to know about.

Royal Priesthood - Secrets Of Spiritual Conquest

Royal Priesthood: Invade, Occupy, and Influence This World For Christ

Royal Priesthood - Secrets Of Spiritual ConquestInvade, Occupy, and Influence This World For Christ: Discover Your Identity and Purpose as Part of the Royal Priesthood of KingsRoyal priesthood, we are called to invade, occupy, and influence this world for Christ. The war is on. As part of the remnant, you have been authorized for spiritual conquest and occupation. You are unstoppable having received a kingdom that cannot be moved.







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