Protecting and Providing: A Man’s Guide to Leadership and Family Life

protecting and providing 304Are you ready to take on the leadership roles that God has given you as a man? As men, it is our responsibility to take on the leadership roles that God has given us. We should work hard to be strong in the Lord, to walk with honesty, and to be loyal to God, our families, and our communities.
It is our duty to provide, protect, and lead by example, and to be a mentor and a visionary. We must also love our wives like God loves the church and have control of our emotions. By living a life of servitude and worshipping God, we can become the men God has called us to be.
During a men's meeting, men were asked, "What is a man?" This is how they responded.

What is a man?

"A man is God’s creation, made in the image of God." "A man is a builder." A man is a leader. A man leads by example. A man is the family's foundation. "A man is the family's leader." "A man makes a sacrifice for his family." "A man is the priest of his family."
A man is accountable to God, family, and community. A man wants respect. A man wants purpose. A man respects God. A man desires to be wise. A man is strong and receives wise instructions. A man is strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. A man is strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. A man is the shield and protector of his family. A man loves his wife and family.
A man is a provider and takes care of his family. A man walks in integrity A man works to better himself for God. A man is responsible. A man is a masculine representation of God. A man is both tough and gentle at the same time. A man is a mentor. A man gives back A man stands up for what is right. A man trusts in God. A man loves his wife like Christ loves the church. A man is a worshipper.
A man is a prayer warrior. A man listens to God. "A man is a servant of God." "He controls his emotions." "A man is a visionary." A man is loyal. A man is faithful. A man is a worker. A man is a protector and leader who walks with integrity, works to better himself for God, and respects
God. He is strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, a provider for his family, tough and gentle at the same time, a mighty warrior, a mentor, one who stands up for what is right, a worshipper, a visionary, loyal, and faithful. He loves his wife like God loves the church, has control over his emotions, and lives the life of a servant, hearing and following God's voice.
Then we asked the young men to write down their topics of interest. Here are their interests.

Topics of interest for young men

Interested in getting closer to God.Dealing with emotions how feminism is coming up against manhood. Homosexuality Identity Idolatry Secular humanism. Dealing with Lust Defying Humanism Indoctrination. New Age Staying focused and not focusing on girls. How to express myself How to be vulnerable but manly How to forgive Healing from trauma How to be a role model in school. Finally, it is important for young men to understand and embrace their God-given roles as men. They should be focused on getting closer to God, dealing with emotions, avoiding idolatry, standing against humanist indoctrination, and healing from trauma. They should also strive to be role models in school, express themselves in a healthy way, forgive, and not focus so much on girls. Ultimately, they should be striving to live a life of servitude and faithfulness to God. By God’s grace and help, young men are capable of becoming the men God has called them to be.

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