Bible School Prophetic Ministry Studies Online Course

Bible School Prophetic Ministry Studies Online Course


Extreme Prophetic Ministries Bible School Course

Online Ministry Training


Extreme Prophetic Studies, what every prophet needs to know when entering the prophetic ministry. This intensive online prophetic ministry training is designed for prophets, those who want to get started in prophetic ministry, and those who desire to advance in hearing from the Holy Spirit.

The subject of prophets, prophecy, and prophetic ministry is so vast that no single teaching could discuss every facet. Extreme Prophetic Studies online prophetic ministry training course is designed to lay vital foundational truths that provide firm points of balance while going into the depths of the prophetic.

The prophetic ministry is just as vital today as it was in Old Testament times. The Apostle Paul validated prophecy in his letter to the church at Corinth writing, “Therefore, my brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy…” (1 Corinthians 14:39). The lessons in this online course are carefully designed for those called into prophetic ministry as well as Spirit-filled believers that want to flow in this important, unique, and distinctive grace. Students become effective in hearing from God and more accurate in releasing prophetic utterances.



  • Intensive study on the New Testament ascension gift prophet.
  • Explore the scope of prophecy, prophetic utterance, and prophetic ministry.
  • Learn how to judge personal and directive prophecy.
  • Understand the role of prophetic announcements and decrees.
  • Learn about the prophet’s unique calling and extensive training process.
  • Be trained to cooperate with the Holy Spirit's various prophetic flows.
  • Discover wide range of prophetic operations.
  • Gain greater understanding of different forms of prophetic communication such as dreams, visions, words of knowledge, words of wisdom and much more.
  • Understand the important purpose and place of prophetic ministry in New Testament churches.
  • Learn how to identify true and false prophets.
  • Monitor your progress and understanding of each lesson as you complete online quizzes.
  • Download thirty-six prophetic class lessons, audio teachings, and reading assignments in digital format to keep in your personal library.
  • Receive an Apostolic Equipping Institute prophetic ministry certificate suitable for framing after completing the course.
“The Holy Spirit led me to A.E.I. and opened my heart to hear what God has to say about His prophets. We are to be the voice of God that "turns the hearts" of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children back to the fathers. We are also to be bold, yet compassionate and loving without compromise - not merchandisers that take advantage of God’s people. I have learned that God uses His prophets to speak to the nations, but their hearts must be submitted to the Lord. I am so grateful for the solid, biblical teaching of the word of God through this ministry training course.” – L Williams, USA
“The extreme prophetic ministry course will unlock the prophetic gift inside of you. It will show who you really are in Christ. It will help you align with the Lord for your success in the earth so that you can bring forth the work of the ministry He’s called you to” -- R. McKenzie, USA
“Growing up as a Christian I had a distaste for prophetic ministry because of the abuse I witnessed. This course helped change that because prophetic ministry is important to God, the Church and me. I have learned the purpose of prophecy, the difference between being a prophetic believer and occupying the office of a prophet, my role in prophetic ministry and how to discern the source of prophetic operations. The teaching has equipped me to judge prophecy and discern deceitful, merchandising prophets. My perception of prophetic ministry has been totally changed. I am so excited to understand the role of prophetic decrees and announcements that play a major role in opening new seasons in my life.” -- D. Martinez, SPAIN
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Here's an image of what your online ministry training classroom looks like. A.E.I. instructors and moderators are available through the online forum to answer questions as you advance through the learning experience.

Extreme Prophetic Studies online prophetic ministry training course includes thirty-six prophetic class lessons, audio teachings and reading assignments to help you catch the spirit of the module with online quizzes that monitor your progress and understanding of each lesson.


  1. Five-fold Ascension Gifts
  2. All Can Prophesy
  3. Gift of Prophecy
  4. Prophets and Prophecy
  5. Prophecy: A Vital Ministry
  6. The Watchman's Ministry
  7. Prophetic Communications
  8. Announce, Confirm, Activate
  9. Extensive Training Process
  10. Supernatural Education
  11. Edify, Exhort & Curse
  12. Earmarks of False Prophets
  13. Hallmarks of True Prophets
  1. Prophets and Mysteries
  2. Unlocking the Prophetic Dimension
  3. The Key to Prophecy
  4. Understanding Prophetic Protocols
  5. High-Level Prophetic Functions
  6. Discerning Spiritual Climates
  7. Unlocking the Seeing Realm
  8. Understanding Prophetic Announcements
  9. Schooling the Prophet
  10. Dealing with Hard Heavens
  11. Prophets to the Nations
  1. Entering Prophetic Ministry
  2. Avoiding Foreign Spirits
  3. Prophecy Without Permission
  4. How Prophets Fail
  5. Jezebel's Prophets
  6. Strange Fire
  7. Order Not Control
  8. Identifying Spiritualists
  9. A Ready Defense


Ministry Training CertificateReceive an Apostolic Equipping Institute ministry training certificate suitable for framing after completing the course.

The ministry training certificate will be mailed to you upon completion of the e-course. This is a twelve-week e-course that you can complete at your own pace. Take your time or finish sooner if you can.




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Each A.E.I. course includes e-books, pdf files, and mp3 audio downloads. (No books or cd's will be mailed.)







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