Bible School Online Ministry Training Courses

Bible School Online Ministry Training Courses

Learn Biblical ministry training courses in apostolic ministry, prophetic ministry, spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry, spiritual discernment, Jezebel spirit, Holy Spirit, and spiritual discernment. Receive a ministry certificate after completion of each course and study from the convenience of your home at your own pace. Explore Apostolic Equipping Institute's online courses and monitor your progress as you complete online quizzes. Access class lessons, audio teachings, and reading assignments for your personal libraryStudy in an international school with students in more than 40 nations and receive a ministry certificate after completion of each course.


  • Walking in spiritual authority.
  • Sharpening spiritual discernment.
  • Entering prophetic ministry.
  • Overcoming spiritual witchcraft.
  • Apostolic ministry and what it means to you.
  • Judging personal and directive prophecy.
  • How to be led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Manifesting the Kingdom of God.
  • Overcoming curses, demons, witchcraft, and controlling powers.
  • Prophetic communication, dreams, visions, words of knowledge, and more.
  • Ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Understanding spiritual climates.
  • The prophet’s unique calling and extensive training process.
  • Study from the convenience of your home and at your own pace.
  • Monitor your progress as you complete online quizzes.
  • Access class lessons, audio teachings, and reading assignments for your personal library.
  • Receive an Apostolic Equipping Institute Ministry Certificate suitable for framing after completing the course. 


Jumpstart Ministries Bible Training Course 

AEI Bible Courses


This training will pull all the pieces together while preparing you for effective ministry. This course empowers you to make a difference with your life. 

God has placed a gift inside of you and He expects you to use it. You are called into effective ministry. Non-biblical terms such as "clergy" and "laity" have wrongly created a religious gulf separating believers from their ministry. Have you felt suppressed in your Kingdom purpose? Are you frustrated knowing that the gift of God in you should be producing more than you see right now? Do you want to do more for God? 

Jumpstart Ministry Training for Effective Believers course was designed to draw out the leadership potential that lies inside of you and fulfill your desire for a deeper relationship with Christ. Completing this training will help you discover the champion within and will enable you to reach a higher level of integrity and character. Discover the gift of God in you and get started doing something great for Christ. It's time to fulfill your destiny.


Understanding Apostolic Ministry 


There are five different ascension gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. All of these have a different anointing for a different purpose. When you understand the differences, you can benefit from the differences. This course will focus on the apostle’s grace, the apostolic model of ministry, transitioning into apostolic structure, how Apostle Paul built an apostolic church and a powerful apostolic team, and how the Holy Spirit empowers you to enter the sent one apostolic dimension. 

Welcome to Understanding Apostolic Ministry and what it means to you eLearning course. Apostles see the church as the seat of governing authority, equip teams of sent ones, empower sons and daughters, and prepare believers for victory in high-level spiritual warfare and advancing the Kingdom of God. There are several words that best describe the apostles grace that you will experience including, build, restore, govern, and father. In this course, we start to develop these concepts that prepare you to mature in the ways of the Holy Spirit. 

The pattern for effective ministry has been rediscovered. A new move of the Holy Spirit has begun. It's called the apostolic revolution. The Holy Spirit used it to pioneer the greatest spiritual revolution of all time. Now you too can learn His truths. Now you can find your place in this God's eternal purpose for your life and ministry. This is the best apostolic foundational material that we could put together. You will not be disappointed. Get started today! 


Advanced Apostolic Studies 

AEI Bible Courses


Apostolic ministry deals with building, restoring, and governing. It is a grace to invade, occupy and take dominion. Jesus said, “I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” The Church Christ is building is full of disciples that are "strong in the Lord and the power of His might." 

It is a Church filled with believers taking part in producing, multiplying, increasing, subduing, dominion, and the restoration of all things. The apostolic anointing is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

The Advanced Apostolic Studies course will help you understand the ministry of a true apostle and how this gift works together with prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to equip you to live a life of victory and fulfillment. New Testament churches were apostolic ministries profoundly effective in advancing the Kingdom of God. In this material Jonas will show you how to enter the “sent-one” apostolic dimension and be the effective Spirit-filled believer God has called you to be. 

If you are searching for greater significance in your life this course is for you. The lessons in this course are laid out to progressively lead you into an understanding of the apostle’s unique ministry, how he impacts the local church and how the apostolic anointing empowers you for effective ministry. Get started today! 


Extreme Prophetic Studies  


What every prophet needs to know when entering prophetic ministry. This intensive online prophetic ministry training is designed for prophets, those who want to get started in prophetic ministry, and those who desire to advance in hearing from the Holy Spirit. 

The subject of prophets, prophecy, and prophetic ministry is so vast that no single teaching could discuss every facet. Extreme Prophetic Studies online prophetic ministry training course is designed to lay vital foundational truths that provide firm points of balance while going into the depths of the prophetic. 

The prophetic ministry is just as vital today as it was in Old Testament times. The Apostle Paul validated prophecy in his letter to the church at Corinth writing, “Therefore, my brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy…” (1 Corinthians 14:39). The lessons in this online course are carefully designed for those called into prophetic ministry as well as Spirit-filled believers that want to flow in this important, unique, and distinctive grace. Students become effective in hearing from God and more accurate in releasing prophetic utterances. 


Believer's Kingship Bible School Course 

AEI Bible Courses


Welcome to the Believer’s Kingship eLearning course. I’m excited you want to learn how to activate your spiritual authority to invade, occupy, and influence the world for Christ. These truths will help you develop a kingship mentality. 

This course is about Christ’s ministry as Restoring King, the Genesis Mandate, dominion, spiritual warfare, entering the royal priesthood of kings, and how to activate your spiritual authority. The Holy Spirit said, “Only the sons of God walking in the Spirit can manifest the Kingdom.” You are called into a royal priesthood of kings, given spiritual authority, and sent as an anointed spiritual warrior to take dominion. 

The Believer's Kingship eLearning Course is designed to help you experience what the Bible says about restoration, dominion, authority, and your kingship role on this side of heaven. 


Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft Bible School Course

AEI Bible Courses


This course will help you identify a spiritual attack and equip you to fight back. Twenty-five years ago I fought the powers of witchcraft against my mind for seven months and won! I didn’t know then what I know now. From my experiences and the Word of God, you can learn how to overcome demonic spiritual assignments against you fast. Firstly, this course has absolutely nothing to do with Wicca, magic, or the New Age Movement. This study deals with stopping the demonic powers of witchcraft that attack your mind when you obey God. Witchcraft is a real demonic force. Learn how to overcome it. These materials have helped thousands of people and will help you too.

Overcome Curses, Demons, Witchcraft, and Controlling Powers.

Spiritual witchcraft is the power of Satan that comes against your mind. Controlling witchcraft brings confusion, fear, and loss of identity. Thousands of good Christians don't know how to fight back against the spirit of witchcraft, but that's not God's will for you. The Holy Ghost is our teacher and revealer, and in this course He will impart the Scriptural discernment you need to overcome the spirit of witchcraft. Get trained with effective spiritual warfare tools to discern and overcome controlling powers in your life, ministry, and church.


Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit Bible School Course

AEI Bible Courses


In this extensive e-course, you will discover proven counsel to defeat the Jezebel spirit in your life, ministry, and church. Before you obey God and launch your ministry, you must first be armed with these powerful spiritual discernment strategies to overcome the Jezebel spirit.

You have probably experienced the crafty spirit of Jezebel, her dangerous messengers, dedicated students, and deceiving servants. The bible teaches about the spirit of Jezebel and there are many things that spirit does to hurt and make your life totally miserable. Jezebel is not a person, Jezebel is a spirit that releases demonic controlling and manipulating witchcraft against your mind and into your life.

To stop the Jezebel spirit you need some help. You need an easy strategy that will put an end to that spirit's wicked attacks against you. Talk about the spirit of Jezebel is one thing - revelation and practical ways to help you overcome the spirit of Jezebel is another.


Stand Out Leadership

Standout Leadership Mocup 2020ONLINE LEADERSHIP TRAINING

Achieving greater levels of success, making a difference with your life, and being recognized as a leader within your organization.



“After completing the Jumpstart Ministry Training course I am running after God now and spending so much more time in the Word. I have the revelation that I’ve been called to rule, reign, and take dominion with the gifts that God has given me. I also understand there is a spiritual war waging against me but this course has strengthened and encouraged me to forge ahead knowing I have the victory in Christ!” - S Lucker, USA
"This apostolic ministry course helped me survive countless demonic attacks and understand spiritual gifts and apostolic design. I now understand what the apostolic reformation is all about and the reasons a pastoral only model of ministry is not effective. The apostolic teaching is foundational in ministry today and has fully impacted me." R. Short, USA
“I am so glad I completed this Jumpstart Ministry Training course. I received revelation and understanding about my purpose and the purpose of the Church that I was never taught in any of the Spirit-filled Christian churches I’ve attended. What I found most exciting in this course was the revelation that we are called to walk in kingship authority. Every lesson was clearly laid out and backed up by the Word of God. So many things that I’ve read in the Word over the years all make sense to me now. I am excited to enter the apostolic structure and fulfill the call of God on my life.” - C Aimes, USA
“Growing up as a Christian I had distaste for prophetic ministry because of the abuse I witnessed. This course helped change that because prophetic ministry is important to God, the Church and me. I have learned the purpose of prophecy, the difference between being a prophetic believer and occupying the office of a prophet, my role in prophetic ministry and how to discern the source of prophetic operations. The teaching has equipped me to judge prophecy and discern deceitful, merchandising prophets. My perception of prophetic ministry has been totally changed. I am so excited to understand the role of prophetic decrees and announcements that play a major role in opening new seasons in my life.” -- D. Martinez, SPAIN
"The Holy Spirit led me to the A.E.I. and opened my heart to hear what God has to say about His prophets. We are to be the voice of God that "turns the hearts" of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children back to the fathers. We are also to be bold, yet compassionate and loving without compromise - not merchandisers that take advantage of God’s people. I have learned that God uses His prophets to speak to the nations but their hearts must be submitted to the Lord. I am so grateful for the solid, biblical teaching of the word of God through this ministry training course." – L Williams, USA

Ministry Training Certificate

Receive an Apostolic Equipping Institute ministry training certificate suitable for framing after completing the course.

A ministry training certificate will be mailed to you upon completion of each course. Each course is designed as a twelve-week course that you can complete at your own pace. Take your time or finish sooner if you can.

GET STARTED TODAYClick on the course titles to find out more.






  • Jumpstart Ministry Training for Effective Believers - Get started in ministry right. Discover the unique gift of God in you to walk in a higher level of effective ministry.
  • Understanding The Apostolic and What It Means To You e-Course - This is the best apostolic foundational material that we could put together. You will not be disappointed.
  • Advanced Apostolic Studies - Learn how the apostolic anointing empowers you to build, restore, govern, and effectively influence your world for Christ.
  • The Believer's Kingship e-Course - Experience what the Bible says about restoration, dominion, authority, and your kingship role on this side of heaven.
  • Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft e-Course - This study deals with stopping the demonic powers of witchcraft that attack your mind when you obey God.
  • Overcoming The Jezebel Spirit e-Course - Learn spiritual warfare and discernment strategies to defeat the Jezebel spirit in your life, ministry, family, and church. Don't start your ministry before taking this course.
  • Extreme Prophetic Studies - Enter prophetic ministry and learn what every prophet needs to know.
  • Stand Out Leadership - Achieving greater levels of success, making a difference with your life, and being recognized as a leader within your organization.
    Moving In Strong Faith - Nothing happens without strong faith because those with strong faith carry a different spirit. As overcomes, they understand that nothing happens without action. There is a  place where faith stands and power begins. Learn about the kind of faith God responds to.
    Demonology & Deliverance - Demonology And Deliverance is a Biblical study of demon spirits, demonic activities, demon possession, and deliverance from evil spirit attacks. 






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