Bible School Apostolic Ministry Studies Online Course

Bible School Apostolic Ministry Studies Online Course


Advanced Apostolic Studies Bible School Course


The apostolic ministry deals with building, restoring, and governing. It is a grace to invade, occupy and take dominion. Jesus said, “I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” The Church Christ is building is full of disciples that are "strong in the Lord and the power of His might."

It is a Church filled with believers taking part in producing, multiplying, increasing, subduing, dominion, and the restoration of all things. The apostolic anointing is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

The Advanced Apostolic Studies course will help you understand the ministry of a true apostle and how this gift works together with prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to equip you to live a life of victory and fulfillment. New Testament churches were apostolic ministries profoundly effective in advancing the Kingdom of God. In this material Jonas will show you how to enter the “sent-one” apostolic dimension and be the effective Spirit-filled believer God has called you to be.

If you are searching for greater significance in your life this course is for you. The lessons in this course are laid out to progressively lead you into an understanding of the apostle’s unique ministry, how he impacts the local church and how the apostolic anointing empowers you for effective ministry. Get started today!



  • Learn how the Holy Spirit equips and empowers you to overcome.

  • Become more effective in ministry.

  • Get the facts on transitioning into the New Testament apostolic model of ministry.

  • Find your place in the exciting restoration of all things.

  • Learn how to inspire others.

  • Develop your spiritual authority to govern in all things.

  • Discover the apostolic model that is results oriented.

  • Discover your need for a spiritual father.

  • Get equipped to fulfill your spiritual assignment.

  • Develop a reforming spirit that turns the world upside down.

  • Learn the five stages of apostolic ministry.

  • Overcome the murdering spirit of religion.

  • Have fun learning the dominion lifestyle of a spiritual warrior.

  • Learn how to be strong in the Lord and overcome fear.

  • Discover your place of spiritual jurisdiction and authority.

  • Learn how to live victoriously in different spiritual climates and seasons.

  • Develop apostolic grit as you learn to hear from God and be led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Have your questions answered by instructors and moderators through the online forum.

  • Monitor your progress and understanding of each lesson as you complete online quizzes.

  • Download thirty-four apostolic class lessons, audio teachings, and reading assignments in digital format to keep in your personal library.

  • Receive an Apostolic Equipping Institute Apostolic Ministry Certificate suitable for framing after completing this course.


"This apostolic ministry course helped me survive countless demonic attacks and understand spiritual gifts and apostolic design. I now understand what the apostolic reformation is all about and the reasons a pastoral only model of ministry is not effective. The apostolic teaching is foundational in ministry today and has fully impacted me." R. Short, USA

“In this course, I learned how to enter apostolic ministry as a believer. I had been wrongly taught that the work of the ministry was getting behind a pulpit. Now I know different. I also discovered the role of spiritual father and how to receive and benefit from one. I whole heartily embrace the New Testament apostolic ministry that Christ is building. I can now be sent as a victorious invader producing and taking dominion." – D Musgrove, USA

“This Advanced Apostolic Studies course provided me with a Biblical, applicable framework for Spirit-led living. It affirmed who I am, what my purpose in life is and how I fit into God’s plan. I discovered I had interpreted the Bible through a religious mindset causing some of my knowledge to be skewed, biased, tainted, and not in line with God’s blueprint or design. This course got me on the right track." - D Dumervil, USA

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Here's an image of what your online ministry training classroom looks like. A.E.I. instructors and moderators are available through the online forum to answer questions as you advance through the learning experience.

Advanced Apostolic Studies online apostolic ministry training course includes thirty-four apostolic class lessons, audio teachings and reading assignments to help you catch the spirit of the module with online quizzes that monitor your progress and understanding of each lesson.



  1. Five-fold Ascension Gifts

  2. Four Types of Apostles

  3. Master Builders

  4. Apostles in the Word

  5. The Priesthood of Every Believer

  6. Apostles and Spiritual Jurisdictions

  7. Apostles and the Church

  8. Sent Ones and Territorial Opposition

  9. Earmarks of Apostolic Teams and Ministries

  10. Apostles and the Nations

  11. Discerning False Apostles

  12. Benefiting from Spiritual Fathers



  1. The Territorial Entrance

  2. Finding Apostolic Identity

  3. Living in the Building Stage

  4. Apostolic Ministry: Your Launching Pad

  5. Building the Spiritual Hub

  6. Apostolic Boldness, Determination, and Grit

  7. How the Apostolic Revolution Affects You

  8. Developing a Resolute Tenacity

  9. Dressed for Your Spiritual Assignment

  10. Catching the Religious Thief

  11. Developing Apostolic Relationships



  1. Apostolic Ministry, Benefits, and Alignment

  2. The Coming Apostolic Master Builders

  3. Drawing on Apostolic Gifts

  4. The Believers Authority

  5. Metrons

  6. Dominion Power: A Kingdom of Priests

  7. Spiritual Conquest and Occupation

  8. Seven Steps to Effective Apostolic Ministry

  9. Into the Nations

  10. False Prophets, Demonic Guards & Territorial Opposition

  11. Are We a Fatherless Generation? Turning Hearts



Ministry Training CertificateReceive an Apostolic Equipping Institute ministry training certificate suitable for framing after completing the course.

The ministry training certificate will be mailed to you upon completion of the e-course. This is a twelve-week e-course that you can complete at your own pace. Take your time or finish sooner if you can.




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Each A.E.I. course includes e-books, pdf files, and mp3 audio downloads. (No books or cd's will be mailed.)







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