Spiritual Growth And Authority

Spiritual Growth And AuthoritySpiritual growth helps you see what others can't, hear what others don't, and do what others won't. The born again believer has been endowed with a “delegated sovereignty” both natural and spiritual. As the clash of kingdoms continues, we can choose to respond in a number of ways. We can surrender, withdraw, compromise, be indifferent – or become Kingdom reformers. The choice is yours.

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Prophetic Imagination Unlocks Creativity

 Prophetic Imagination Unlocks CreativityProphetic imagination has no boundaries and is never hindered by a lack of education. With it you can enter the past and the future. What a wonderful tool to manifest the Kingdom of God in your life. After the fall man did not lose his ability to use imagination, the imagination, however, became corrupted. It could now see both good and evil. The good news is that you can cast down vain imaginations and redirect your imagination to think, create and bring forth God’s purpose for your life.

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