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Evangelism Harvest Invasion Teams: Reaching the lost and unchurched for Christ.

The Harvest Strategy is the local outreach vision of Spirit of Life Ministries Church. This exciting ministry focuses on reaching the lost and the unchurched in our city.

Invasion Teams help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout our city. Apostle Jonas received a vision of a net as he heard the Holy Spirit declare, "I am building a great net for a great catch." Along with the vision of this net the Holy Spirit gave him the Harvest Strategy of apostolic teams and small groups that he refers to as Invasion Teams and Metron Groups. The Greek word metron means assigned place of spiritual jurisdiction (2 Corinthians 10:13).

The Harvest Strategy is a biblical concept for advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At Spirit of Life Ministries we promote a biblical concept of apostolic invasion teams, one phase of the Harvest Strategy. An Invasion Team (15 to 30 people) is a group of sons and daughters of the ministry who have been trained for outreach ministry and how to work with others. They are then placed on an invasion team, activated through prayer by the presbytery and sent out of the church with specific assignments, goals, targets and a common cause. Invasion team members benefit from the apostolic dynamic of being sent forth out of the local church (Acts 13:3).

Apostolic invasion teams reach the lost, the unchurched and build small groups throughout the city. These small groups (metrons) represent the knots in the net that Apostle Jonas foresaw. Several thousand souls have been saved through this Harvest Strategy. Those who have been faithful serving on invasion teams are then eligible to advance as Metron Leaders.