Howard Carter: A Man of Whom The World Was Not Worthy

Howard Carter and Lester Sumrall On the Mission Fields 1930'sHoward Carter was a missionary to missionaries, a friend of Smith Wigglesworth, Lester Sumrall and a leading speaker at international Pentecostal conferences throughout the world. He was most distinguished for his teaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. He was a gentle and refined man, yet rugged when needed. A careful study of his life reveals an educated man after God's own heart who carried a strong passion for Jesus and a quiet sense of humor.

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Peter Cartwright: God's Breaking Plow

Peter Cartwright: God's Breaking PlowPeter Cartwright, American Methodist circuit rider, was one of the most fascinating ministers of the Gospel in American history. Peter Cartwright was born September 1st, 1785 to poor parents in Amherst County, nestled along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the state of Virginia. His father was a soldier fighting for liberty in the Revolutionary War.

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